Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shop Update & A Small Update on Life

I updated the shop today with 3 more rings and a pair of earrings. I really busted my butt the last couple of days getting things completed. The weather has been absolutely beautiful so I have been able to work in the day a bit. Zoë made a new friend who is a neighbor kid a few weeks ago and they were able to play on her swing set by my studio while I worked. I am actually surprised at how much I got accomplished given the fact that it is hard to work and keep your eye on your toddler :) She is such a good kid though and she is absolutely excellent when she has a friend to play with. I also worked at night while she was sleeping. Here are the new pieces for today...

Sterling Silver Ring with Dendritic Agate and Rainbow Moonstone

Sterling Silver Earrings with Yellow Cats Eye & Tigers Eye

Sterling Silver & Copper Ring with Turquoise

Sterling Silver Ring with Tiger Iron & 10kt. Gold

The other night I was feeling a bit crafty and made some handmade earring cards. Here is a photo of one of them. I have a whole lot and most of them are fall/Halloween themed. I adore this time of year and get that nesting, crafty, homey feeling :) ...

I'm also having an itch to stop by the craft store and buy some beautiful yarn and start on a scarf for Zoë....Can you believe it, yeah...scarf.....

On another note, things are getting better here. Just kind of sad. My grandma is really having trouble with her memory. Earlier this year she was admitted to the hospital in the ICU and hasn't really been the same since. She got a little better over the summer but her memory right now is at it's worst. She says some total off of the wall things and we have realized that we just need to agree with her. She gets really angry if we try to explain to her that maybe she has thought something up. The other day she came up with a crazy story and really believed it and was mad at me. It really hurt my feelings because I knew she was wrong but I understood that what she believed to be the truth was the truth to her. The next day she was fine and forgotten the whole situation. I love her so much, it's just really sad. The other thing is my mom and step dad are getting divorced. They have already met with a lawyer and he is moving out the first of next month. It is on peaceful terms which is good but it's sad too. Kind of that feeling when someone dies. But this time the person is here but just leaving on their own will. I just know we will never see him again and that is pretty upsetting. It's not out of anger but just his way of dealing with the situation. I knew this would probably happen. It was obvious that my mom and him weren't happy together. I think they cared for each other but were just so different and he was away so much that they just grew apart. The thing that hurts the most is for Zoë. To her, that is her papaw, he isn't by blood (I never met my father and he passed away when I was young) but in her heart he sure is. He has been there since she was born. The poor thing doesn't even know and she is too young for me to explain. I'm sure I'm going to have to explain something. He has his own room here, and Zoë will be getting it. The other part to this whole move is financial issues. Me and Zoë live here with my mom and step dad and rent out the downstairs of the home my mom owns. My mom and I have talked and we are just going to share the entire house and instead of bills being in thirds it will now be halved. Which means everything got bumped up quite a bit for my mom and I. So it is kind of stressful. I need to learn to manage my money better and try to make things work. I feel pretty lost in all of it right now but am just trying to enjoy what we have and what life has to offer :) Ahhhhh, as I am typing this I am sitting out on our porch. It is perfect outside. Let's see...the temp is...76 degrees. It's not humid, crickets are singing, it's quiet, the moon and stars are bright, pumpkins are surrounding me, and I have a frosty glass of apple cider at my side. Oh and how could I not mention the lingering smell of burning leaves in the air! That is one of my fall favorites :) I hope everyone has a beautiful night.....

P.S. Are the leaves beautiful where you are? They are so amazing here. Mother nature is absolutley my favorite artist♥


  1. You can totally do this, Darling Heather. I send you my support and tons of hugs for strength - what a hard transition :(


  2. Thanks so much Allison, I really appreciate it. More than you can imagine :)