Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful week/weekend filled with love, family, friends, furry friends too ;) , good food, and laughter♥ I am thankful for my family who I love beyond words: my daughter who has showed me a whole new world and who i just love to pieces, my mother who I can claim as a wonderful mother as well as a best friend, my grandmother who is so warm and sweet, and my aunt Debbie who has a heart of gold! I am thankful for my friends who make life so great, my furry friend Midnight who I love to pieces and who is also family, my "jobs" one that doesn't seem like a job because I just love it so much and always look forward to "work" and my other job to allow me to be the one to take care of my grandmother. I am thankful for nature, it's beauty, the magic in the world...the small things that are truly so big.....Love♥
What are you thankful for?


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