Monday, November 29, 2010

Facebook Fans, Blog Followers, & Sneak Peeks For Earrings....

One of the benefits I like to offer for Blog Readers who are customers and Facebook fans are sneak peeks of things that are to come in the shop. This is a sneak peek featuring Gemstone Post earrings. Above is an example although Citrine will not be offered at this time. This is a close up of the 4mm size with plain bezels and the flower earnut so you can get an idea of appearance. If you are not familiar with millimeters 4mm is equivalent to 1.57480 of an inch :)

Coming Soon....
Previously I have been selling my gemstone post earrings in sizes 5mm and 6mm. 5mm seemed to be the most popular but I have had many requests via convos on etsy to drop them a size smaller to 4mm. I decided to do this for everyone who has requested them. This size is also my personal favorite. Later on I will be bringing the 5mm back as well as some 4mm faceted stones set in prong settings. The frequent" Earring Sales" that I like to have in my shop will be on hold until silver prices drop a bit. With the current soaring silver prices it is impossible for me to offer sale prices to my customers. Their will be a hold on wholesale prices as well for business clients with the post earrings until further notice. But, to those of you who are fans of the post gemstone earrings I've decided to give you a sneak peek of some of the 4mm you will be seeing very soon. The prices will stay the same at $19....These earrings will also be having the fancy flower earring clutches, the back piece that keeps them snug in your ears :) .925 Sterling Silver. Thanks for following me on Facebook and to those of you who read my blog♥
4mm Genuine Gemstone Post Earrings in Sterling Silver:
~Nightfall~ 4mm Black Onyx (Shiny Black)
~Absinthia~ 4mm Chrysoprase (Glowing Bright Green, I love these!)
~Smoke~ 4mm Grey Moonstone (Opaque Smoky Grey)
~Amethyst Sunset~ 4mm African Amethyst (Deep, Rich Purple, Highest Quality)
~Sanguine Roses~ 4mm Garnet (Deep Blood Red)
~Midnight Raindrops~ 4mm Hematite (Metallic Gunmetal)
~Woodland Nymph~ 4mm Nephrite Jade (Shiny Forest Green w/slight Glow)
~Luna Magia~ 4mm Rainbow Moonstone (Translucent White w/ Vibrant Blue Fire)
~From the Mermaids Cove~ 4mm Mother of Pearl (Natural Shell w/Vibrant Color Flash)
~Desert Skies~ 4mm Kingman Turquoise (Bright Robin Egg Blue mined from South West US Territories)

Another sneak peek....I will also be introducing a line that I call "Infinity". These are dangle earrings that feature french earwires (handcrafted), thick sterling silver hoops will hand from earwires wire wrapped into place. These earring will each feature a single faceted teardrop stone which will be securely wire wrapped into place. I will be offering different gemstone options for each pair. These gemstones will be the highest quality available. So far the line includes....
~Green Onyx~ (This stone is very similar in appearance to Chrysoprase)
~African Amethyst~ (Deep, Rich Purple)
~Rose Quartz~ (This special Rose Quartz is a glowing soft pink that is rich in color vs. the lower quality which have hardly any color at all)
~Rainbow Moonstone~ (Translucent White w/Brilliant Blue Fire)
~Smoky Quartz~ (Chocolate Brown Translucent Quartz)
~Lemon Quartz~ (Transparent Lemony Yellow)
Possibly a few more which may include Lepidocrosite, Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz, and a few more. Suggestions would be appreciated if you would like to see a special stone in the shop in any design. Thanks♥


  1. Thanks Sandi. I always feel like I'm stalking our mail lady when packages are soon to be arriving :) Hee Hee... :)