Monday, November 29, 2010

Finger Adornments & Photo Love

Right now I have 3 rings in the tumbler waiting on finishing and setting. These rings feature a plain bezel setting, simple, with larger stones in them. All of the rings have wide bands. A large Turquoise with rust and black matrix, a milky green Aventurine, and a Mocha Latte with a swirl of vanilla Mystery Jasper :) I also started on quite a few of the infinity earrings :) Eeeekkk..just thought I'd share...It is pouring down rain right now and from the look of the radar probably maybe Wednesday before I get to take photos of the rings and list them in the shop. The infinity earrings won't be listed until I get a full set made :)

The other day I was going through a bunch of photos I took this spring and summer. I edited a few of my favorites and thought I'd share with you. Enjoy :)
~Summer 2010~ My little girl playing under our rose bush and the little neck that I always want to eat up :)

~Summer 2010~ A garden stone that I made using a fern to imprint in the cement. Taken from our side yard.

~Early Summer 2010~ The love of my life, Zoë Moon....

~Early Summer 2010~ A daisy taken this past summer. This is a favorite of mine, I can't remember the name of this specific type of daisy but they come in so many colors. We have a large flower pot off to the side of our porch that we fill with these in all types of colors :)

~Early Summer 2010~ A photo taken of a lilly from our side yard this past summer...

~Mid Summer 2010~ Taken at dusk mid summer this year...

~Mid Summer 2010~ A fire we had in our fire pit after a cookout this past summer.

~Mid Summer 2010~ Taken at dusk mid summer this year...

~Mid Summer 2010~ Mid summer our coneflowers always bloom. I adore our coneflowers. They are absolutely one of my favorite flowers :)

~Late Spring 2010~ Zoë did a fun little photo shoot with me being the photographer this past late spring. We had so much fun. She is my little ham. She loves to have her photo taken. And as I am quite the tree hugger....I dream of my wee one following the path of loving and caring for home here on earth. So far so good ;)

~Spring 2010~ I love the spring. So full of new life and changes. Sprouts popping up from the once frozen soil. Gardening begins, trees bloom their green and red foliage. I am always so full of excitement as the spring comes to bloom. This is a photo taken in our backyard this past spring.

I hope everyone has a beautiful & lovely evening♥ Much peace & light...


  1. Wonderful Pictures making me long for summer. Your daughter is precious!

  2. Thanks so much Kathleen :) I know I miss the summer but I'm try real hard this year to appreciate the winter. I'm just not a fan of cold weather...eeeeeekkkkkk.... But I'm going to make myself have fun this year and make some snow angels and snowmen with my daughter. :)