Friday, November 26, 2010


Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday that celebrates and to those who don't I hope that you had a superbly awesome day :) Ah, I've been slacking a bit on the blogging. We have celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday on the 21st and then of course, Thanksgiving day. We have also had a few visitors from out of state and all that comes with the birthday and holiday madness: shopping, preparing, cooking, etc. But with the madness comes the fun and love :) It has been a great happy time here at our humble abode!

This is my happy little 4 year old.....

And her tent that she got for her birthday that she has slept in EVERY night so far! One of her many gifts :)

What else have I been doing???? Cleaning up the studio, preparing ideas, organizing, ordering, etc. I would like to mention that new listings will be pretty slow and random this month and possibly following a bit afterwards. I will definitely be a better blogger ;) and keep you up to date with all of this through my blog and my facebook. In between occasional work on new pieces I am trying to update my studio here and there. I'm also working on heating the place up a bit in the studio soon so that the winter months can be bearable, seeing how my studio is in our garage...that is not heated :) Once it becomes a little toasty in there I am going to be studying some new techniques and broadening my horizons a bit. I have a lot of ideas and new plans that I am hoping to have the skills to confidently put these new ideas into form in my shop this upcoming spring. This will give me enough time to acquire the supplies and tools and do a lot of studying and experimenting. So, in my spare time outside of normal life and work I will be spending most of it educating myself and.....I am so excited!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Zoe! Gorgeous tent!

    My studio is our shed and the temperature in there is whatever it happens to be outside on the day ... I'm struggling in the heat at the moment! I hope you get your heating sorted out soon! looking forward to seeing your new designs :).

  2. Zoë says, Thank you :) Looks like we have the same thing going on studio wise. The past few nights have been like 20 degrees and the windchill makes it worse. I usually work at night while Zoë is sleeping, especially in the cooler months. :) Thanks for the comment! Hugs!