Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Packaging Fun

Before I starting packaging my latest sell, I decided to have a little crafty fun with my packaging supplies. I pretty much ran out of all my thank you cards and fun stuff so it was time to make some more. I still have a WHOLE LOT more to do, but it is so fun :)
~Thank You Cards, Lavender Sachets, and Muslin Stamped Bags for Earrings~ I've been trying to do it all hand crafted. I think it just adds a little more love and a personal touch :)

Now I better go out to the studio and finish my other plain bezel setting ring. The stone is a mystery jasper. It makes me think of a mocha latte with a swirl of vanilla cream floating around the top. It is yummy. I'm also going to work on some more Infinity earrings...then it is wire wrapping time :)
Have a great night everyone...We have snow flurries here♥

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