Friday, December 10, 2010

Shop Update....

I just added these earrings to the shop.....

~Winter Rain~

They are simple, constructed of sterling silver, Blue Peruvian Opal, and Kyanite. This Opal is one of my favorites in my collections of beads. It looks as if it glows!

This necklace is finished and I will be adding it to the shop later on this evening/tonight.

This necklace is constructed out of sterling silver, GORGEOUS Laguna Agate, Cherry Quartz (round beads), Garnet (leaf craved beads), and a luxe rolo chain. I LOVE this necklace. I swoon over agates and this one is beautiful and came from one of my favorite lapidary artists. This lady necklace will be listed tonight. I have a wee one who is asking me is she can play JumpStart on mommy's laptop :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!! xoxo


  1. Beautiful necklace! love the stone and the little garnet leaf :)

  2. Thanks Michelle :) I love agates...well almost evry stone really :)