Saturday, December 4, 2010

Small Shop Update In Winter Wonderland♥

I just added all of my sterling silver gemstone post earrings in the shop again. All of these are ready to ship so they can get to you before Christmas :) The size has changed to 4mm due to special requests. I really like this size better as well. Here is a photo of one pair of the new size. I also created these with just a plain bezel for a slight change and some simplicity :)

Size Reference...

I also have added another pair of my "Infinity Dangles" in the shop as well. This time featuring Rose Quartz.

And finally my Mocha Latte ring that is now Hot Cocoa ;) Due to the snow we are getting today♥

Tonight I really need to get to work on some local custom orders. I'm hoping to maybe get a few things created for the shop as well. I love the plain clean settings but I'm ready to do a bit more designing, even though I do love plain, clean settings:) I can't wait to share the photos of my custom orders with you when they are finished. I'm excited about these :) Also next week I will be posting some more "Infinity Dangles" featuring Lemon Quartz and Smoky Quartz.

Well it's taco night......Time to get dinner on :) Have a great weekend everyone and to those of you who have snow right now as well....Isn't it beautiful. First snows are always so magical to me.....

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  1. Beautiful ring and I also love snow but we haven't received any yet.