Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow & New Work

We have been seeing a lot of this here. These photos are actually of last week, I am just late posting them :) Looks like tomorrow we are going to have some more of this! It is beautiful and Zoë sure has had fun, but let me tell you, the first time I shoveled this stuff, I realized I am way out of shape, lol! Looks like all of this snow is going to put my ass into shape!!! Haha!!
Well with the madness of the holidays work has been slow. I did manage however to finish this necklace this weekend :)
~Night Magick~

Beautiful Druzy Agate set next to a brilliant Rose Quartz. Beadwork comprised of: Cherry Quartz, Amethyst, Faceted Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, and Pink Freshwater Pearls. I will be listing this in the shop here in an hour or so. If she is yours, feel free to shoot me a convo and I will put your name on here in the shop :)

These stones are also sitting on my bench right now....

I'm working on little homes for them. Can't promise that it will be soon but I am hoping to finish up the home for the Fossilized Coral today. Hopefully in time to shoot some photos of the finished piece. I got to run though, lunch time and I have a hungry little girl reminding me as I'm typing this :)


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