Monday, January 3, 2011

Forest Necklaces...

I was going to have a botanical collection but decided to go ahead and put these up in the shop while I finish up the other pieces. I realized it may take awhile to finish my other pieces and I tend to go from one thing to the other :) And...busy, busy, busy! So...introducing my Forest Necklaces....

Lavender Forest Necklace

Moss Forest Necklace

Both necklaces are made up of raw copper, natural gemstones (Amethyst & Turquoise), Job's Tears Seed Beads, Jewelers Grade Resin, Real dried Lavender grown here at our home this past summer, and real moss. 100% Handcrafted with love♥ these were so much fun, I love them♥
Both are now in the shop!

Time to get the little Moon to bed and read some stories together :) May everyone have a peaceful and magical night♥