Sunday, January 16, 2011

I took a small little break for a few days to get our house in order. Whew, it can get out of control real quick. Organizing, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, and shampooing carpets.... Now that the cleaning and organizing of the house is finished, I can get back to work. I took some new photos of the Coral Blossom ring in natural sunlight. I can just never get my photos how I want them to look indoors. are the new photos....

I just think these look so much better than the last photos.

I have some stones sitting on my bench that I can't wait to work with. I also have some stone on their way here that look pretty amazing. Oh, speaking of packages, I ordered Zoë a little surprise :) A Nintendo Wii!!!! They have a lot of learning games for little kids and she loves learning games. The Wii is super interactive too! I bought her a Nintendo DS over the summer. I wanted to make sure that she was ready for games and stuff like that so I wanted to start out small. And it was a good move, within the first week she put it in her swimming pool?!?!?! 2 seconds of my back turned while I was flipping burgers on the grill and a swimming electronic!!!! Luckily the bowl of rice deal works out pretty well. And if you haven't heard of the rice deal before..... If you get an electronic wet like a DS or a cell phone, dry as much water off as possible, then place the device in a bowl of dry rice for 48 - 72 hours. I would say even an extra day or two to make sure it is fully dry. You definitely do not want to try and turn the device on while it is still wet or damp, that will definitely fry it. (Also I wouldn't recommend this for electronics that directly get their power from plugging them in) I did the rice deal with Zoë's ds and it worked great. After lots of work and patience she loved her ds and it taught her a lot. So, this week I'm expecting the Wii to be delivered. I also ordered a Wii Fit. This one is for me ;) It comes with a balance board and has many workout programs on it including yoga! I'm real excited to give it a try. I have been wanting to take yoga classes for years but right now in my life as a single mom and not enough hours in the day it just isn't possible. I figured at night after Zoë goes to bed I can try this Wii Fit thing out and get my but into shape and...relax :)

Yesterday evening me, my mom, and Zoë sat and watched some shows my mom ordered. She ordered some seasons of Yogi Bear and Flipper for Zoë. It was a lot of fun. I remember those shows from when I was very young. My mom also shared stories about growing up and watching them. She had a crush on Sandy :) Zoë loved the shows. I heard about Flipper for the rest of the night and actually right now Zoë has her animal encyclopedia opened to the Dolphin page, making up her own Flipper story♥

Well, I better get off of here and plan lunch. have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Happy Sunday! I agree with you about taking photos outside, I'm always much happier with them. I'm waiting for noon here in Oregon so I can get more light before taking pictures today. It's raining and very grey today. Have fund with your WII. Evie P.S. Lots of us had a crush on Sandy ;)

  2. Thanks Evie! I can't wait to get the Wii, for Zoë that is ;) Have fun taking pics, hopefully you will get at least a little sunshine today. It is a little sunny here, but...cold....brrr..... I shared your Sandy omment with my mom, she liked that :)