Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silver and New...

In the shop now and inspired by the beauty of the sky.....
~A Break In The Clouds - Plume Agate Sterling Silver Ring~

~Soul Sisters Stardust Ring - Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Rustic Ring~

That's it for now. I have some cleaning to finish, meat to marinate, and a Botanical Forest Ring in Copper with a smidgen of silver and Botanical Forest Earrings in Silver with a smidgen of Copper in the works :) And....a silver order on the well as some local custom orders...shew... That was a mouthful ;)

P.S. I'm trying to rearrange some things at the homestead. I am currently using a laptop all of the time (at the kitchen table) and wanted a nice office area with a nice computer strictly for work :) So I am going to get a desk and an iMac...I'm pretty excited :) We are also going to upgrade some of the stuff tv, etc... I'm excited! Especially because I move furniture and redecorate constantly. Moving an old school 300 pound <----exaggerating.... tv is great on the back, I'm sure ;) Well...okay I better really get going now. This is what Zoë just did...she stuck her stuffed snake toy in her pants and said, "Mommy, Look at my tail!" Lol!

The poor cat will probably be next if I don't get off of here now. Have a beautiful day!