Monday, February 28, 2011


Yesterday on my blog I mentioned something about Windstone Editions. I love them and have a small growing collection. I adore animals and I love magical fantasy stuff. This is why Windstone really appeals to me. You can buy castings from them too that are just straight from the mold, no paint, eyes, etc. With the castings you get to design your own Windstone!

I love painting and I've been so involved with the jewelry stuff that I kind of forgot about that passion. Hmmmmm.....who knows, I might just suck at it now. I haven't painted in so long. In fact all of my paints looked pretty bad when I dug into my paint box today. Anyhow, I bought this casting yesterday from Windstone. The photo is a stock photo from them that is an example. The eyes wouldn't be in nor would the horn be painted. This piece is their unicorn...

When I first imagined painting the unicorn I wanted it to be natural. Maybe to resemble a horse that I love. Then it came to me an Appaloosa! I love those. But then I realized I didn't want it to look like an Appaloosa with a horn coming out of it's head. Maybe I need to mix in a little fantasy and magic into the design. So, uh, um.....I guess I'm going with a Magical Appaloosa Unicorn, lol! I'll have to come up with a better name though ;)
Wish me luck with my painting skills :) I went and bought some new paints, brushes, and pearl pigments today. Now I am sitting here wishing my unicorn was here! Soon....priority mail is an awesome thing you know ;)
That works though I need to finish up some things for the shop then...of course....order more supplies and materials for the shop.

If I can remember....*sometimes I have crazy mommy brain, kids will do that to you sometimes* ;), I will try to post progress on here of my Magical Appaloosa Unicorn..yep, I really got to work on a name for her :)


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