Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shop Update♥

Hey everyone! I updated the shop today and last night with several new items. I added some new gemstone post earrings set in sterling silver last night in the following stones: 7mm Green Onyx, 5mm Black Onyx, 5mm Baltic Amber, 5mm Lapis Lazuli, 5mm Carnelian, 5mm Rose Quartz, 5mm Labradorite, 5mm Tigers Eye, 4mm Chrysoprase, 4mm Hematite, 4mm Kingman Turquoise, and 5mm Rainbow Moonstone.

I have also added two new rings set in sterling silver....

~Sprouting Sisters - Pink Peruvian Opal and Rhodonite Sterling Silver Ring US Size 7.5~

~Fern - Dendritic Agate Sterling Silver Ring US Size 9~

Also added to the shop were a few new pieces from my botanical collection. I have 1 necklace left to list and I am hoping to do that tomorrow. I ran out of daylight today. Unless I can get a good indoor photo tonight. The pieces listed today are...

~Herb Garden - Real Preserved Moss and Lavender Sterling Silver Ring with Chrysoprase and Faceted Lavender Chalcedony US Size 8~

~Woodland Dreams - Real Preserved Moss and Lavender Sterling Silver Earrings with Turquoise Amethyst Copper Leaves and Jobs Tears Seed Beads~

~Woodland Stroll - Real Preserved Moss and Nephrite Jade Copper and Sterling Silver Ring US Size 7~

These are all I had time to list today and have been in the process of the works for a little while now. Tomorrow I know, as long as I have the time to get photos, that I will have 1 botanical necklace to list and 1 sterling silver necklace featuring a gorgeous Super Seven stone.
I am hoping to get a little more work done tonight and finish a few more pieces. I hope everyone had a great day!

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