Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop Update...

Here are a few new pieces that I have listed in the shop throughout the weekend♥

~Berry Divine - Agua Nueva Agate Sterling Silver Necklace with Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Black Onyx, & Lepidocrosite~

~Electric Raindrops - Labradorite Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~

~Rainbow Mantra - Spectrolite Sterling Silver Om Ring US Size 8~

~Spring Rain - Blue Peruvian Opal and Kyanite Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~

~Enchanted Mint - Green Onyx Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~

All of these are currently in the shop. I hope everyone had a great weekend. My daughter has decided to have a sleep over in mommy's room tonight so I must go and let the fun begin!!! xoxo


  1. Beautiful pieces Heather...I love your Om ring....that stone is spectacular.

  2. Beautiful pieces! LOVE the rainbow mantra ring! What an amazing piece of spectrolite! xx