Sunday, February 27, 2011

To the Moon and Back...

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
~Sarah Williams

I love the night. It seems so magical to me. The silence that lingers in the air, with the exception of the nocturnal critters. The huge moon glowing miles beyond miles away in the distance. Stars glimmering and sparkling in the sky. I just love it. I suppose one of the many reasons why I get so excited about warm weather is to sit outside at night and admire the beauty in comfort. I like to sit on the porch with my cut off shorts on, barefoot, burning incense, and just relax. Sometimes I'll bring my guitar out there, as long as it's not too late. We have neighbors pretty close ;)

Both of my newest pieces are inspired from this love I have with the night♥

This ring is constructed of sterling silver and a Titanium Druzy cabochon in the shape of a star. Creating this bezel gave me some troubles. You really have to get a star just right to look like an actual star, you know. It wasn't that easy. But I have to pat myself on the back because I am so happy with it. So happy in fact I don't know if I can part with it. It fits just right too...hmmmmm....I may have to sleep on this one. I actually bought two of these stones in a star shape. I was so excited about them I dropped one outside on the cement and broke!!! So this is the only one I got know. The other resides in one of my plants :)
The ring is a US Size 7...
~Tinkle, Twinkle, Little Star~

*I wish you could see the stone in person. I am actually wearing it as I type and it glitters and sparkles like crazy!

This necklace is constructed of sterling silver, a HUGE Labradorite cabochon, faceted Labradorite rondelles, and faceted Labradorite briolettes.
~Midnight Dreaming~

That's it for now. I have this piece of Agua Nueva Agate that I am hoping to get to tonight. The photo isn't the greatest because of all of the clouds right now. I ran out real quick to snap a photo for you :)

This stone is so cool. It has quartz like areas, awesome orbs and banding, and just so unique!!! Love it.

Also...this is sort of random, but does anyone collect Windstone Editions? I love them. I have several wolf, owl, cat, and dragon pieces. They are crafted out of mineral stone by the artist Melody Pena. I just recently joined the forum and on there they sell, "paint your own" statues. Some of the members on the forum paint them and sell them. I bought this guy because I just love wolves. I think the girl who painted him did a lovely job!

I also got this.....eeekkkkk...

A nice chuck of Celestite. I love this stone. I had a small specimen but have wanted a medium to larger size for a while. I finally found one that called out to me. I am now waiting on both the wolf and Celestite to arrive in the mail. Can you see why I love getting mail so much? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, getting mail :) Okay, done blabbing ;) Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone, Hugs!


  1. The titanium druzy star ring is just amazing!! It must have been tricky making the bezel for it, you did a fantastic job!
    And the celestite is gorgeous! xx

  2. Thanks Michele :) The photo I posted of the Celestite is from the seller. The stone actually arrived today. It is even prettier in person :) I love Celestitie, it is so sparkly and I love it's color. I'm hoping to go to a gem show with a friend of mine in May so I better start saving up. I love little pieces of nature♥