Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello everyone :) I wanted to hop on here and let everyone know that my shop vacation was a short one :) The shop is now open again. I have been busy the last two nights updating and getting some things completed.

I updated my policies, no big changes but worth taking a look over if you want. I also changed my banner, which I really like to do if you haven't noticed ;) I finished a good batch of post earrings, took photos and listed them in the shop. I finished some custom work, and am now on the last bit of them....And....I finished up two rings, one of which is now in the shop, the other I wasn't happy with the finish so I am still trying to get that just right and hopefully can get some good photos tomorrow in the day light, then list the ring....Also....I am in the process of working on a new necklace for the shop which is turning out really well. Just a simple setting but the stone isn't simple at all..Super Seven!!!! Yay!!!!

Curing on my bench right now is a batch of botanical pieces with Lavender and Moss in silver and copper. I am hoping to get those completed tomorrow too! I have been working on these for awhile now.

Okay time to breathe and soak in the tub. My mind is partially here right now so bear with me if my post sounds sort of silly :) In the midst of all of my craziness I have started a diet and am taking an herbal supplement to help boost me a bit. I really need the boost when it comes to dieting. I have a love affair with food :)

So much craziness here really.... Our house looks like a tornado has went through it. I have so many projects in the works, a little behind on some chores, my mom lost her job but thankfully I think she has found a new one that is way better. When she attended her orientation as a nurse at her new job 4 people from her old job were there. One of whom was fired when she called off because she found out she had breast cancer...Another of whom was fired after having a heart attack. I think my mom's previous job has some bad karma on their shoulders... My grandma has also been having some problems with her memory. I have been taking her back and forth to doctors, to have tests ran, and today we learned a bit of what may be causing this which is a relief...because we at least we have a bit of an answer. She had a cat scan of her brain last week and results came back today that it looks like she has had some strokes which was a surprise to us all, including my grandma. Then I have been by Zoë's side while she continually has been being stood up be her father...grrrrr..... just crazy. Wow, I think I just vented and ranted a bit. Sorry folks..feels a bit better though.

All IS calming down though and I am ready for some positive changes....Also...Friday it is supposed to be 64 degrees!!! Woo hoo!!!


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