Sunday, March 20, 2011

Customs and Sculptures

This past weekend...past? OMG...It's over already, where does time go? Well, anyway, this *past* weekend was taken up with finishing some local custom orders which are just some simple personalized rings...these actually....
This one goes to a lovely lady who has twins. The initials are the initials of her twin little girls :)

And this one is actually just one of two. They are for a couple....this one is hers and his is in the works right now :)

I also finished a sculpture painting that I was working on. This one was a dragon :) I call her....Fire Orchid.
The first photo is after I did the base coat, before starting on airbrushing and detail...

I'm proud to say that she is now SOLD :)
I must have been on a ball or something because I actually finished a new sculpture tonight?!?! It usually takes me forever but I did it. I am hoping to get some good photos tomorrow and share :)
Well I am off to bed. All the painting, torching, & ...*SPRING CLEANING*...has wore this lady out ;) Speaking of spring cleaning...Happy Spring♥

Good Night/Day!


  1. Your airbrushing is beautiful...and that little dragon very realistic...i like that he's holding a potion.Pretty new pieces too! Sue♥

  2. The rings are pretty but I love the sculpted this baby yourself...that is so cool and I love the paint job. I watched "Eragon" this movies about dragons.

  3. DalaHorse, Thank you :) Most of the painting on the dragon is all detail. The little potion bottle holds rose essential oil, rough rubies, and rough amethyst :)
    Sandi, Thank you. The sculture is actually made by a company called Windstone Creations. I didn't sculpt it. I wish I did :) I did paint him though. That company sells collectibles that the artist paints herself or she sells paint your own sculptures. With the paint your own sculptures, people usually buy them, paint them, and then resell them to collectors who collect the paint your owns by Windstone. They are so much fun to paint but take forever because they are so detailed. I love to paint though :)