Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday and last night I worked a big portion of the time making jewelry. I was exploring and experimenting. Sometimes ideas that I get either work well or...well, um, not at all. But it is always worth going for anyway. I would have had two necklaces and one ring but I only have one necklace. The other necklace and the ring didn't turn out how I wanted to, so....scrap. That is always a bummer, but you never know unless you try anyways, right? Sometimes I feel like I scrap more than what I end up happy with. But that is okay. I like learning, exploring, and taking chances. Sometimes these things I imagine surpass my expectations so I suppose this is a balance. And that is a good thing.
So what is the necklace that made it to the shop you ask? Okay, okay, I'll show you ;) Hee, hee...
~Enchantment - Agua Nueva Agate and Black Onyx Sterling Silver Necklace~

In the shop now...

Things will be coming out a little slow now. I need to place a raw materials order and I have a small batch of local custom orders that I need to finish. I will try to keep updating the shop as often as I can though. I like to keep new listings coming in :)

The sun is shining here and I need to go out and enjoy it. I hope the sun is shining where you are too! Enjoy the beautiful day! xoxo


  1. I love it and the beautiful stone, have a wonderful day!!

  2. Beautiful design Heather - love that stone.