Tuesday, March 29, 2011


From Wednesday, March 29 - Friday, March 31st Willow Metals will be celebrating a 25% off SECRET SALE! Hmmmm...What is a secret sale? A secret sale is a sale that I run from time to time that I will post on my blog and on my facebook page. If you follow either my blog or are a facebook fan you will see these random sales and can take advantage of them. These sales won't be posted in the shop for everyone to see...that's why it is a secret ;) It is also a way for me to say thank you for following my blog or facebook, and for just being interested! It is really appreciated and I adore you all for joining me.
To take advantage of this sale please use coupon code MAR25 during checkout and your purchase will be automatically reduced by 25%

***This sale EXCLUDES any items that are being RESERVED, items that have been purchased but have not yet been paid for, and CUSTOM ORDERS. No exceptions. Thank you!***

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