Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ New Jewelry and Some Love for Japan ♥

All of the recent, horrible news about Japan has left my heart broken. I can't imagine what they are going through, and with all that they are going through, their response to the disaster around them is amazing to me. I haven't seen any chaos...no looting or crimes, or complete unraveling of mankind. It seems they have just a sense of, "This is what is happening. Let's do the best we can." I was watching CNN coverage last night with Anderson Copper and he was talking about their culture and how they pride themselves on order and community. That is really something to admire, especially to see how strong that pride is, and how through all of this, they keep that demeanor. I feel it is really something for the world to see, admire and possibly learn something from. So many times when there is a disaster, we see order unravel and then just complete chaos unfold which obviously makes things a lot worse. On one of the reports I saw last night, they were distributing food to people in a shelter who have not eaten for 4 days. They ended up running out of food and almost half of the people were left without any food. Amongst themselves, the victims distributed the food equally and shared. One middle aged man watched an elderly man in a corner who had just came in without any food, and he appraoched the elderly man and handed over his meal to him....and that would have been his own only meal for four days. I just have a tremendous amount of respect for these people and feel the need to help in some way. I always dream of helping people in some way, and wish that I could do everything that I imagine that I can for others. That's seems a bit impossible in my circumstance, but I know life is bigger and has new directions for me in the future. Hopefully, situations where I can make big differences in other peoples lives. Right now though, I will start small.

For one week starting right now, a portion of proceeds made from all sales in my shop, Willow Metals, will go towards the Japan Disaster Relief Funds. This money will be paid to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross focuses on one disaster at a time when a big disaster like this is in effect. Right now, I hear that Japan is their main focus. 91 cents from every dollar goes directly to help Japan while the remaining 9 cents of each dollar goes to help keep the Red Cross running. I think that is a pretty good deal. I'm thinking 20 percent of all sales will be put aside for this relief fund. I would love to donate more, but at this time, as some of you may know we are having a hard time here at home. My mom has lost her job. She is 56. She had the same job for 16 years as an RN. The company she worked for pushed everyone out that was over 35. I hear that they have quite a few lawsuits in progress against them for this. One woman who lost her job was getting ready to retire, while another has breast cancer :( It is heart sickening to see things like this happen, and now it hits directly at home. My mom thought she had found a job, but it was only part time as needed. She needs a full time postion and is still looking. So helping her right now is a major priority. We all share a home together and she has always helped me when I needed it. But....this isn't Japan, you know? Things could always be worse, so I want to help with what I can.

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~Lady of the Lake - Chrysocolla in Quartz, with Nacozari Turquoise, and Aqua Marine, Sterling Silver Necklace~

~A Sprouting Reminder - Green Onyx, Chrysoprase and Nephrite Jade, Sterling Silver Leaves & Band Ring~

~Magical Moments - Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Ruby, and Amethyst, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~

~Pieces of the Sky - Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver Post Earrings 4mm~

~Sea Breeze - Blue Peruvian Opal, Kyanite and Aqua Marine, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

~Sprouting Buds - Jobs Tears and Copper Embossed Leaf Copper Earrings~

~Starry Night - Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite, Sterling Silver Post Earrings 5mm~

~Luck of the Irish - Green Onyx, Chrysoprase and Prehnite, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~

~Crystal Persuasion - Quartz Crystal Points, Genuine Ruby, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone and Black Onyx in Sterling Silver~