Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stardust & Dreaming

Do you remember this?

Well last night after I put this little critter to bed....

I was able to get some more painting finished on my unicorn :) Her name is Stardust. She isn't finished quite yet. I still need to complete her eyes and I am going to add a Rainbow Moonstone to her forehead after her top coat is applied. But here she is so far....

In jewelry news, my silver order looks like it should be here tomorrow :) Yay!!! I ordered quite a few new cabochons too and I am hoping they just so happen to arrive the same day ;) Who knows?


  1. Zoe's eyes really reach into your soul...she is a little doll. Love the unicorn...I missed the post about it for Zoe?

  2. Sandi, Thanks so much. Zoë has some really big blue eyes. She is my little ball of sunshine :) The unicorn is ctually a mold from Windstone Creations and they have a line where you can paint your own Windstone. The unicorn is part of that line. I belong to their forum and the people who do the PYO's "Paint Your Own's", sell them on there. This is one that I have painted but she isn't finished yet :)
    Delia, Thanks so much :)