Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luna Moth & Shop News

Lately I have had an overwhelming feeling of creative energy. Overwhelming as in *good* overwhelming. I keep finding myself branching off to different things rather than just jewelry. I think the change keeps creates a balance for all of the things I like to do. That way I don't get bored with just one thing, you know? I have always loved painting. I love painting the sculpture paints that I have been doing a lot of here lately, I paint a lot of garden stones her at home during this time of year for excitement of spring and all of the new life in our garden. But as far as painting goes, I have never just pulled out a canvas and painted something. My last trip to the local art supply shop I decided to buy a few small wrapped canvas hangings and try my hand at it. I decided to share with you my very first canvas painting. Don't laugh ;) The painting is of a Luna Moth. One of my close friends recently was temporarily living in Georgia. On the first day of spring she seen her very first Luna Moth and took a photo of it. these creatures are so interesting and I just adore them. I decided to start this painting one night while the windows were cracked open and the warm fresh scent of night poured into our home♥ This is the first phase of just the moth alone... This is the second phase after doing some foliage work... And this is the finished result.... In other news things will be slow around here for a little while. I have a small list of new custom orders to get started on and I am at home with a sick little one. It is really hard to get any work done while Zoë is sick so I have put "work" on pause for a short while. When I get back to work custom orders will be first and then shop updates and so on. I also have a few statues to paint :) So far the same lady has bought all of my statues and I am so honored. I can't wait to get started on the next one :) Since things will be slow in the shop for a little while I decided to have a shop sale open to everyone for the remainder of this week. That way at least you can catch a sale ;) If your interested in checking out the sale feel free to go....



  1. I can't believe that is your first painting! It's beautiful! I hope little Zoe is feeling better now. x

  2. The painting is gorgeous Heather - you are one talented lady. Hope Zoe feels better soon.