Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Necklace....

~Spring Blooms - Cacoxenite in Amethyst with Garnet Labradorite Amethyst and Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace~

Tomorrow I am hoping to list a new necklace and a ring that I have completed today as well. I'm hoping for some sun to peek out to get some good photos. We had some major storms come through last night which left today cloudy and cold. I also had plans to discuss a few things on here tonight about some small shop changes...something I mentioned a while back.....*bad blogger, bad blogger*..... but I honestly am so tired right now, me brain just isn't functioning correctly ;) I will be discussing it soon and why I have decided to make these changes. It's not a very big deal really, just something that has been weighing on my mind.

Well off to bed I go.....seriously, we had 100's of tornado sirens go off at 2- 3 am this morning. Me and my mom grabbed Zoë, my kitty, and went next door to get my grandma and all made our way downstairs into my room taking shelter. Luckily we were lucky...There was major rotation in the storm right above our town and for some reason it weakened right over us too. Some areas weren't so lucky though. It really seems to be an active season with these tornadoes so far.
Once I woke Zoë up to take shelter with us, she was up for good. I have had like no sleep, lol. And here I am rambling. Okay, good night ;)


  1. Great necklace....that storm was scary...we're up by came thru our area between 1 and 2 am. Sue♥

  2. So glad you are safe - we have been having major storms also - quite scary.

    The necklace is that stone and the matching dangles.

  3. Sue, you are really close I did not realize that! That is so cool :) I'm so glad that the sun is shining today! I looked at the forecast this morning and for the next 10 days I seen rain! Ugh...Well, April showers bring May flowers :)
    Sandi, Thanks, me too! I kind of like late night storms but not tornadoes!

  4. I never knew Ohio had so many storms and possible tornadoes. Plus, I feel like the fact you make jewelry is a very unique talent. That
    Must be fun. I'm going to get a job. So I can get your stuff. Or I can just tell all my friends about your stuff and they can buy it. I think either way works for you. ; )