Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Shop Update....

These were just added to the shop...
~Moon Goddess - Amethyst and Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring, US Size 7.5~

~Little Thunderstorm - Grey Moonstone Sterling Silver 4mm Earrings~

~Midnight Spirit - Titanium Druzy, Faceted Crystal Quartz, and Azurite Druzy Sterling Silver Necklace~

Okay gotta run to the grocery for my grandma and grab some eggs to dye with little Zoë :) Hee,'s her Easter goodies from the *ehhhemmmm* Easter Bunny! I can't wait until she sees it!

~Have a great day!~


  1. Very pretty Heather. I love the amethyst moon face. Hope you and Zoe have a Happy Easter.

  2. Beautiful pieces!! Lovin the necklace, and that Amethyst WOW just look at the color. Very nice.

    Someone is going to very surpized by the Easter bunny!!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks ladies :) Yes, that Amethyst is almost like an ultra violet color. I really love carved cabochons but they aren't so easy to come by. Amethyst is one of my favs too, I love me some purple! Sandi and Evie, I hope that you both have a wonderful Easter! I know I plan on eating way too much ;) I'm definitely going to have to watch myself by Zoë's easter basket, lol. Oh for the love of Resse Cups!!!!! lol!

  4. That blue necklace is to die for! It is beyond beautiful and if I ever get around to getting a job that gives a nice cash flow, I'd buy your stuff. Because I want that necklace, It's gorgeous. =)