Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things of Hope & Belly Laughs

We have been getting hit hard with rain here. Then at night we have been having our lovely midwest thunderstorms. As long as the storms don't produce tornadoes, I'm pretty fond of them. I love to sit out on the porch on warm spring nights and watch storms blow in. Ah, the smell, I wish I could capture it in a bottle to smell whenever I choose.
An hour or so before sunset I was sitting outside admiring all of the new green that the rain and storms have brought to us, thinking about earth day and what the world might be like when Zoë gets much older. Sometimes that worries me, but I am a big believer in H*O*P*E* Then I saw this...

To me it was a little reminder from Mother Nature that no matter how dark things may seem, there is still beauty lurking in the distance, still H*O*P*E*. It is just our job to find that beauty♥

Today me and Miss Moon shared a lot of belly laughs. Nothing like making cupcakes with a 4year old. I had to set her cupcakes a side in the "contaminated" area. She couldn't stop licking them?!?!?! I can't blame her. She was only acting out what I was thinking.

I wish you and yours many belly laughs this holiday weekend. Time to put my bunny ears on and hide some eggs for the little one and set out some surprises ;)


  1. Mother nature is pretty awesome - have a wonderful holiday with your little cutie pie!

  2. Happy Easter! The cupcakes are perfectly Easter-ish and look very colorful and tasty! The *contaminated area*.....deliciously and lovingly pre-licked! *lol*