Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Sale and A Week in Photos...

I've gotten a little behind as far as new listings in the shop and blogging go. I am hoping to get back on track and catch up soon.

In the meantime I will be having a Mother's Day Sale in the shop starting now through Sunday, May the 8th. You can go to the shop to get more details listed in the shop announcement :)

I have been busy in my garden though and the past few days, well not so much. My little on has an ear infection in both ears so that has put a damper on things around here.

I dug out a whole area in front of our house that had old bushes in it that were taking over and started from scratch. It is now a butterfly garden and I can't wait to see it take off this spring and summer :)

Here are some photos of the past week.....Hope you like them.

Zoë & her friend Savannah playing outside♥

Cornflower in the Butterfly Garden♥

A perennial daisy in the butterfly garden♥

Our "mini" succulent garden♥


Star Juniper♥


Peeping into my room♥

Zoë's Tomato & Cucumber seedlings♥


Zoë's sidewalk chalk art♥

Give it a chance♥

This is what it is all about♥

Dirty kids have the most fun ;)

Japanese Maple♥

My favorite shoes ;)

My mom likes to remind those who drive behind her :)

This is proof that dirty kids have the most fun ;)

Night is approaching.....

And so is rain...

For the next week!!!!!

Me snuggling up with some Anthropologie ready to dream up some jewelry designs :)


  1. Those are my favourite shoes too ;)! Beautiful butterfly garden! I hope little Zoe is feeling better soon. x

  2. Aww! =/ Hope your little one gets better soon. Sending ferverent prayers her way! And I'm telling you I need a job to buy your stuff. It's needed. You're garden is truly succulent indeed! I love thyme! =D (considering that was the only plant I was familiar with!)