Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things have been really quiet around here.....Well on my blog and in the shop. I'm working on moving my studio back out to the garage and planning orders for supplies, etc. I still have some supplies on hand and before I make the studio move I'm hoping to get a few new things in the shop. So, I'm still here, I still have lots of plans for the shop and new work. But, I still have been having lots of fun! Don't believe me?
*Ignore the awful quality of the first two photos....My blackberry camera isn't so great, eh? *

Zoë playing in the sand at the beach :)

Sand between my toes.....ahhhhh...

Zoë and I watched beautiful things with wings, I repainted our poor old garden gnome who needed some new life....and we gazed at all of the new blooms in our gardens...

Then we went and admired beautiful life♥

It definitely has been hot here, especially during our visit at the zoo. It was in the upper 90's! Zoë found some relief though...

The zoo we went to was the Cincinnati Zoo. It is real nice there, super clean, and the animals have a lot of room to run around. Most of the animals there are rescued and seem very content. The Cincinnati Zoo is also the greenest zoo in the world! The whole place is powered by solar panels! The have trash composters everywhere that also are powered by the sun and all eating untensils, plates, napkins, etc. are biodegradeable! I didn't see one piece of trash on the ground anywhere! The zoo also has a beautiful botanical gardens :) We had a great time!

The next day Zoë went to her grandma's house for a few hours which would have given me some great needed time to clean up the house and get caught up on all of the "fun" stuff.....laundry, dishes, dusting..... ;) Well, while I was getting started I stumbled across my paints and somehow ended up starting on this...

on Zoë's wall instead of cleaning! Of course before it got too late I had to water the not too much got done. I guess that means.....I better get moving and quit blogging ;)
Have a wonderful day! I can't wait to have some shop updates here very soon :)

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  1. Looks like you are having a great time - awesome pictures and Zoe is a doll!