Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop Update: New Necklaces...

In case you missed my earlier post, I will be randomly updating the shop this weekend and throughout next week.  I will try to list new work during the evenings as I finish pieces up.  Tonight will be the first of the new listings.  The new listings tonight consist of 2 new necklaces as well as a replenished stock of gemstone sterling silver post earrings that were previoulsy sold out.

~Blossom of the Setting Sun~
*Agua Nueva Agate and Ruby Corundum with Adorning Garnets and Genuine Rubies all in Sterling Silver*

~Starburst in the Blushing Sky~
*Druzy Agate and Rose Quartz with Pink Sapphire all in Sterling Silver*

I also have replenished all of my gemstone sterling silver post earrings.  The following stones are available in the shop, all set in 5mm serrated bezels, Sterling Silver.
Black Onyx
Baltic Amber
Blue Chalcedony
Pink Sapphire
Australian Opal
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Rainbow Moonstone
& Blue Sapphire...
Before I list the new items in the shop I also wanted to mention a few small changes in the shop.  First off, I now only accept paypal as the form of payment in my shop.  This is by far the most frequently used method of payment that I receive in my shop. 
Second, I still will happily reseve/hold items in the shop. To reserve/hold an item a deposit is now required.  Please convo me if you see an item listed in the shop that you would like to reserve and we will discuss the deposit, time frames, etc.  I have updated my policies with further information if this applies to you, or feel free to convo me with any questions or concerns you might have.
And lastly, pricing.  If you are familiar with my shop you will notice a change in prices.  This will not effect previously listed items.  The price change is due to supply costs.  Silver is very exspensive right now.  I also purchase a large portion of my stones from Lapidary artists, which you get what you pay for and I am very paticular about the stones I purchase.  In some of my newer designs I will be using a lot more silver and I am also hoping to expand my designs.  I will still be offering copper and red brass with some of my work.  These metals are much more affordable and you may notice a big price difference between the metals, this is why.  I also have found that I really love red brass :)

Have a wonderful evening/night!  I'm off to update the shop!



  1. Amazing new pieces, I love the colors in your stones. You are right you get what you pay for!

  2. Thanks E! My mom calls me a "stoner" lol! Because of my love of stones. Almost everytime an order arrives I say, "I love these too much to part with them!" Then I think about how much I spent on them and that I probably should put them in with my work :) Have a great night! So good to hear from you. I hope all is well!

  3. The stones and the pieces you've created with them are amazing! ... worth every cent! I love the little designs on the back too :)

  4. Beautiful necklace Heather. I am hearing you about the price changes...silver is getting crazy and actually your better stone prices seem to be on the rise also.

  5. Michele, Thank you so much! Sandi, Thanks! :) The last couple of supply orders I purchased were outrageous. And I agree with you about the stones. Sometimes it is scary just to place those orders. I can't believe how much silver has jumped since I first started working with metal. HUGE difference! I would be so happy to purchase at those prices again.