Monday, September 12, 2011

Space and the Sea & Everything in Between....

~Meet Me In Outer Space~
Agua Nueva Agate with Lavender Chalcedony, African Amethyst, & Rainbow Moonstone♥

I also have finished this necklace for a lovely customer :)  It is soon to be on it's way to her!

I am also working on a Mexican Fire Opal custom ring and matching necklace for another wonderful customer :)  I have an extra cabochon of Mexican Fire Opal sitting on my bench for the shop too.

I'm thinking if all goes as planned I should have a small shop update Wednesday or Thursday.  I will update here as things become a bit more organized.

Also remember 10 million years ago ;) when I mentioned doing some reviews on some products that I love AND......I never got to it?!?!?!  Well, I still would like to do that!  With the upcoming season being my favorite time of year, I go crazy ordering handcrafted bath and body goodies.  I have gotten quite a few so far from some of my favorite sellers.  I go nuts over the fall/autumn/Halloween releases!  Quite a few of the newer goodies I have ordered I have fallen in love with and would love to share with you. 

I always have so many ideas and plans in my head but never enough time!  I always put too many ideas on the back burner that never gets the attention I would like to give it.  I would like to change that. 

We have started a new saltwater aquarium.  It is currently cycling.  This is my first venture with a Reef aquarium but it something I have wanted to do for years.  I feel with Zoë being little that this would be a great time.  She gets to learn so much from it and she loves animals so much.  She even gets to help mommy take care of them :)
Here is one of our new little Damsel fish...

Then this is "Nemo" our clownfish hanging out by the heater ;)

And our anemone :)
Okay well it is time to get the little one ready for bed then start on all of the chores that I have put off today ;)  Have w onderful night♥


  1. Wow Heather! The necklaces are amazing! I love the starry night feel to your blog at the moment too. Looking forward to your reviews :). xx

  2. Thanks Michele! I hope that your move is going well. Hee,hee, I like to change my blog look a lot. I get bored easy ;)