Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello :)

Things have been a bit slow and quiet in the shop.  I haven't had any updates for a while and I apologize for that. 
Behind the scenes though it has been everything but slow and quiet.  I have had a bit of unfortunate personal events and life has been busy.  It seems though now everything has settled down.  Now that things are back to normal (?) "if that term really does pertain to any of us" well, uh, errrr....a bit more quiet, my mind has been spinning.  I lay down at night with a brain that isn't quiet.  Stones and metals dance in my head.  Big ideas, dreams....  Though events in life my slow down, my brain never does ;)

I am currently awaiting a raw materials order to arrive and have been shopping for some beautiful stone cabochons to add to my collection.  Some stones to set the palette for the upcoming *and current* cooler months.  Stones that are cozy and warm.  Stones that fit beautifully with our wardrobes of sweaters, layered clothing, and the mix of beautiful materials we adorn ourselves with as comfort and fashion.  I am also shopping for some new small stone cabochons for my gemstone earrings.  To change a little in the shop :)

Here are a few others things that I have been up to other than dreaming :) ...

I made my yearly trip to Lafayette, Indiana to celebrate the life of Shannon Hoon and to reconnect and hug friends that I have missed so much.

I have been a bit obsessive about our new saltwater tank and it has paid off.  We currently have a system with a peaceful community of marine fish and invertebrates that are thriving and happy.  I could watch the Clown fish pair and the Anemone all day :)

My friend and I took our kids to a local farmer's market and we had a blast.  We went on a hayride that I thought would be going into a flat field to pick a pumpkin.  Boy was I surprised when we went hauling ass down steep hills into mud pits.  I think the term "hillbilly roller coaster" would have suited the event better than "hayride".  We filled out bellies with warm autumn baked goods and apple cider slushies :) we purchased beautiful mums that adorn our autumn flower beds, and I purchased more pumpkins than I know what to do with.  A season of celebration and fun :)

Well, I suppose it is time to plan dinner and finish my orders for the day.  I hope that everyone has had an awesome October so far :)  It is almost Halloween!!!!!

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