Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Fever!!!

I have spring fever! 

We have had such an odd winter this year, here in Ohio.  I always loathe winter, but this year I was looking forward to snow!  Yes, it's true, I really was!  But we haven't even had half of an inch of snow this winter.  I won't complain though.  No snow = no shoveling!  ;)

In fact we have had on and off 60 degree weather.  We even have some little sprouts popping up from the ground already!  I'm not sure if they will make it though, it is only the beginning of February. is Ohio.  I'll probably post this and then watch, we will get a snow storm this week ;)

But the strange 60 degree winter has me dreaming of spring.  I want to stick my hands in the soil and smell the dirt!!!  I want to put mulch down and go crazy gardening!!!!  Ha!  I'm just a little excited.  I also get very inspired this time of year.  I went a bit crazy on buying more cabochons for the shop and I am so excited for them all to get here so I can share with you.

Spring always feels like a good time for positive changes for me too.  I have a feeling this new season that will be here very soon will be a great one!!!!

Well, I am off to finish cleaning the saltwater tank and to organize dinner.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh......!!!!!!!  Here is a photo of Zoë after her first ballet class this past Thursday. 

Her teacher's teacher was the lady from the show, Dance Moms....eeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!  It freaked me out on Zoë's first day when her teacher told me this.  Luckily though, this teacher is NOTHING like that.  She is totally laid back.  I just want Zoë to have fun and not be pressured.  So far, she loves it and loves her teacher, yay!!!!

Okay.....Good day!!!!

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