Friday, February 3, 2012

What's going on?

How is everyone?  I've been away for a bit again.  Thought I'd post a blog and share with you some things that have been going on.  These are a mix of personal, some very personal events and business events.

~I have lots and I mean LOTS of new stones to work with.  My cabochon stash was looking pretty sad so I had to do some major stone shopping for the shop.  I also stocked up a bit on raw materials :)  I am very eager to get back to work and get creative :)

~Zoë's father asked to legally sign over any rights he has of her, which in the county we live isn't possible.  So, he then packed up and moved to another state, dropped medical insurance on her that he was court ordered to supply, and owes me thousands in child support....That thousands that he owes, I literally have not seen 1 cent.  Her birthday and Christmas..nothing, not a hello,a goodbye...nothing....  I am working *VERY* hard on trying to not let this bother me and to let the anger go. It is very hard and I am very resentful.  I don't want to be angry or resentful, oddly enough It makes me even more angry and resentful that he has made me angry and resentful....sigh......

~No matter how Zoë's father is, one thing I know for sure.....I love Zoë with all of my heart.  I would do anything for her and she has changed my life for the better.   Not one day goes by that I don't realize how LUCKY I truly am.

~My grandmother decided to cook beans and almost burnt the house down.  Burnt beans smell awful.

~I quit smoking and have lasted over a month.  Yep, one month....Not a big deal right?  To me it is like a HUGE milestone. 

~The smell of cigarettes now make me sick.

~Speaking of sick....Zoë and I shared a horrible stomach virus.  How do kids throw up that much?  I truly don't understand it....

~I am joining a gym.  I quit smoking and started cookies....

~My aunt found out she has breast cancer.  her doctor told her it was slow moving and a small tumor.  He sent her to the hospital to have a test ran and she ended up waking up with her left breast totally removed because the tumor was the largest her doctor has ever seen.  Our heart is broken for her.

~In Ohio, we have not even had 1/2 of an inch of snow all winter. In fact it was almost 60 degrees today.

~Zoë is now a little ballerina!  Every Thursday we pack up and head to ballet class!  She is going to have a recital in June.  I am one proud mommy :)

~I have spring fever!

Okay, these were just a few things as they popped into my head.  I haven't blogged lately.  I have been going through this weird depression thing that seems to be going away.  I'm trying to put a "fresh face" on my life and get motivated and back in the swing of things again :)

Some cookies are calling my name....Have you ever had any of these?

The first time I tried one....I finished off the whole box!!!  Yeah, so don't try them.  They are awful ;)

I'll try to get some photos of a few of my new stones to share with you.  It is hard for this girl to part with her stones :)



  1. ***hugs*** sounds like you have wayyyy too much going on at once! you're stronger than i - i would be crumpling under all that, and would have eaten about 4 boxes of ginger cookies! (not to mention the SMOKING UGH - i am at about 5.5 months off the smokes and it is HARD but you GO girl! if you have to, use the patch, use the lozenges, just anything to get you through the hard times - if you can just NOT do it, it will finally get easier!)(note, i didn't say easy, but easier).

    Anyhow, here's some well-wishing from texas, some prayers to the powers that be, and you keep on being that great momma, talented artist, amazing jeweler strong woman you are!



  2. Julie, Thank you so much!!! I always try to remember that things can be so much worse. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty for throwing myself a wee little pitty party :) I am okay though :) Congrats to you for the quitting smoking as well! 5.5 months is great! Looks like you are on track to be a non-smoker, woo-hoo!!! Oh and did I say one box of cookies...I need to edit that ;) I hope all is well Julie! Thanks again so much for eveything! Hugs to you!!! xoxo