Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspiration from the Sun...

When spring becomes near I get so inspired.  Each night I toss and turn with a brain that thinks faster than it can process.  I wake up to write things down, thinking this will help.....Only to come up with something else.  I love it and I hate it....But mostly, I love it.

I placed a large silver order to prepare for some new work.  Most everything in the shop either has sold or is being reserved at the moment.  I ordered lots of new gemstones for my post earrings that I make as well.  9 different types of stones to be exact! 

I also have decided to paint sculptures again.  I did this last year but never offered them in my shop.  I sold them on a forum as soon as I posted the progress.  They are all fantasy types from Windstone Edition casts.  I will more than likely offer them in the shop this year. 

Here are a few of the sculptures that I painted last year.  These are before and after photos...

This is a "Keeper Dragon".  The first picture is the original cast with eyes placed in for reference:

These are some of the "Keeper Dragons" after I painted and adorned them:

This is a "Griffin" before paint and adornments:

After paint and adornments:

Ki-Rin before & After:

Unicorn before and afters:

This year I am going to start with a "Keeper Dragon", a "Phoenix", and a "Winged Bookend".  I can't wait! 

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