Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rose Sunset

Rose Sunset - Agua Nueva Agate Sterling Silver Necklace with Rose, Smoky, Lemon, and Cherry Quartz... Baltic Amber, Pink Sapphire and Pearls.....

In the SHOP now....
Eeeeeekkkkkk....Gotta run....Not enough hours in the day...Got to stop at the post office to drop off International orders, go to the grocery and run errands for my grandma, come home cook, take Zoë to ballet.....laundry....finish up some other jewelry......sculpture painting sitting on kitchen table.....clean....
Okay, better stop there so I can accomplish at least one of these ;)
Have a great....ummm....errrrrrr.....Thursday?


  1. Beautiful necklace that stone.

  2. A gorgeous piece of jewelry! I sure hope you were able to get a few things marked off of your to do list. What a to do list you have! Wishing you a little fun this weekend!


  3. Dede, Thanks so much! I was able to get everything on the to do list marked off and have a fun weekend :) I hope the same for you!


    Thanks Sandi! I love Agua Nueva Agate, probably my favorite stone :)