Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soul of the Moon and Garden Life

This ring is completely different from my usual work.  It was crafted completely different as well.  The band and bezel both were an experience to say the least.  In fact, I really surprised myself.   This ring was inspired by my first love of jewelry. 

My mother had a "jewelry drawer" that I loved to sneak peeks in as a little girl.  A lot of the jewelry was her "hippie" jewelry from the 70's.  Most pieces had ethnic flare and lots of the pieces were crafted Bali style.  I loved these treasures.  The more intricate, the better. 

Growing up, I still had the same passion for jewelry but, I now was beginning my own collection.  Yep, I was the girl in high school with a ring on every finger, layered necklaces, a pierced nose, and purple hair ;) ....and....eehhhh hem....a tattoo.

Anyway, going off topic ;)  And...hmmmm...I haven't changed as much as I thought I really have....huh?  Well....

Out in the studio I was playing with some stones, twisted wire, and round wire then decided to make something completely different, but inspired by this love. 

Incorporated into this ring is a lot of myself.  The stone Labradorite is one of my favorite stones and it has been for a very long time.  The more blue fire, the better.  It somehow represents the night and the moon to me.  Two things that I am very fond of and have a life long trail from when I was a toddler in the back of my mom's old and H-U-G-E Pontiac dangling my feet in the car seat repeating..."Moon mommy, Moon".....all night long.  In fact that first tattoo I mentioned earlier from my high school days....a moon.  My daughter's middle name, Moon.

The twisted wire on the ring adds an ethnic flare.  In a lot of Bali and other ethnic jewelry the artists use this type of wire in their designs.  You see it in a lot of Native American jewelry as well, which is just gorgeous.  Then..the scroll work.  I drilled tiny little holes through the silver on a pattern created by no other than a sharpie marker....I inserted my saw blade through each hole a created little windows, pockets, and spirals.  The spirals give it a magical feel to me, which is another connection to myself.

It might not seem like much to other artists, It may seem wonderful to some.  I don't know....What I do know is, it was a test for me and I am happy with the results.  It was a step out of my "norm" ...a struggle, a journey....frustrating but full of love. 

Sometimes it is nice to test yourself and try something a bit different....
~Soul of the Moon~

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Today was gorgeous here in Southwestern Ohio.  It is 6:20 and 68 degrees!!!!  I picked up the yard a bit and will cleaning up I found these.....

This makes my heart happy♥  Spring, I'm ready for ya' baby!!!!


  1. you have OUTDONE yourself heather! this ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! you have inspired me in so many ways, however i'm afraid you can't inspire me to be that perfect on my piercing. :) HOWEVER you are free to amaze me with it!

  2. Thank you so much Julie! And no worries, my piercing isn't anywhere near perfect. I see every flaw! lol! I think it is that way for most, we are our own worst ctitics! It took me forever to even learn how to use my saw right. I do however think I need to get a better one. This ring caused me tons of frustration, mostly due to the piecring and breaking of blades. the other was the filing of the bezel.....Their has to be an easier way. lol! Thanks again Julie~ ♥

  3. It is absolutely AMAZING!! I can't believe you cut out all those little spirals and pieces!! Beautiful! xx

  4. Thanks Michele! Yep, I sure took forever, lol. And I need a new saw, ha! Hope you are doing well! :)