Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog Update

Hello :)  I wanted to post a quick blog update.  I know it has been a while since I have updated or posted anything here.  I am though, still here :)
Shop News
I just placed an order for more silver.  Once it arrives I will be creating and hopefully finding a schedule that works.  I have some extra time now to work on jewelry, more about that below.  I am hoping for a shop update real soon. :)
This summer has been awesome.  Although I have slacked a bit in keeping my shop stocked and have gotten behind on things at home, me and Zoë have had a blast this summer.  We bought season passes to an amusement park, King's Island, this year and have went a ton of times.  We have done all kinds of fun things this summer.  It was nice and spoiling.  I can't even believe that it is over already?!?!
What's going on now?
My grandma's health hasn't been the greatest.  So many things are going on with her, I wouldn't even know where to begin.  We have many appointments ahead of us concerning doctor visits and hospital visits.  She has her good days and her bad.  The past few days have seemed better though. *Crossing fingers*
Zoë started kindergarten...Bitter sweet.  She loves it, I am happy for her, and at the same time...I'm lost, lol!  I have adapted being with her 24/7 that now I have some free time I feel a bit lost..and sad... But, I am thrilled she loves school.  Every day I am greeted from the bus by her saying that school was awesome and telling me about.....sigh......cute boys... :/
With this extra time though, I have realized that this must be what it is like to have a sitter or day care. I actually have free time!!!  Wtf?!??! ;)  I feel like I can now start to give Willow Metals a lot more attention, the attention it needs :)
Hell, I might even be able to get caught up on laundry!!!!  Yes!!!!

On Zoë's third day of school, she was absent...Yes, absent. Already missed a day...well,  quite a few days. 
My mom had a horrible cough and we blew it off for a cold.  Zoë caught the cough and so did my grandma, but again we thought they just caught my mom's "cold".  Zoë ended up getting real bad one night so I decided to call her off of school (her third day) and schedule a doctor's appointment.  After lab testing it was confirmed Zoë had Whooping Cough.  I was baffled.  I thought since she had the immunization for it that she wouldn't get, Whooping Cough?  I didn't even realize that people caught this anymore....Wrong, our whole household was on quarantine and infected.  My mom couldn't go to work, Zoë couldn't go to school, I had to rush my grandma to the ER, the health department (city & county) seemed like they added our number to their speed dial.  It was crazy.  My mom still has it and so does Zoë and my grandmother.  They aren't contagious now, but it can last up to six months.  After treatment you don't get better, you just aren't contagious once it is completed.

Zoë's back in school, my mom is back at I need to get back to work....Come on silver, get here!!!

More later!


  1. When it rains, it certainly pours. It happens sometimes at the beginning of the year but maybe she won't get a cold in the winter now. It's good to hear she is back and hope your silver arrives soon so you can get back to your work routine. It always seems to be something, right?

  2. I can understand why you haven't had time to do much...glad everyone seems to be on the mend. Looking forward to your new creations.