Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/27 New Jewelry & Shop Update

Hi everyone ~waves~
It is a gorgeous evening here in southwestern Ohio.  I am sitting on my porch will typing this.  The sun is beginning to set and a wonderful breeze is blowing in.  I can feel in the air that storms might be in the near future.  Lovely Midwestern spring/summer evenings, I love them.
Now on to the silver and stone...swoon!
Today I have been busy finishing up new pieces for the shop and was able to complete them.  The new work below is now listed in the SHOP for you.
First is my Stardust Ring.  If you are like me and love chunky rings, this is perfect!  Also if you are a lover of Labradorite.  This. Stone.  Wow!!!
~ Stardust Ring - Labradorite Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7 ~

You can find "Stardust" HERE
Next  features one of my favorite stones to work with, Agua Nueva Agate.  These stones come in so many different shades with banding, orbs, clouds, even druzies.  The possibilities are endless.  Definitely one of my top five favorite stones.  This particular stone has such a dreamy feel to it.
~ The Dreaming Meadow - Agua Nueva Agate Sterling Silver Necklace with Amethyst and Lavender Chalcedony ~

You can find "The Dreaming Meadow" HERE
Finally...I realize not all people are fans of chunky rings like I am.  Sometimes I even like to change up.  Especially being a mom, sometimes a more feminine and smaller ring is more practical.  For those who love the feminine and smaller rings.....
~ Forest Trinket - Moss Agate Sterling Silver Handcrafted Ring - Size 7 ~

You can find "Forest Trinket" HERE
These are all currently in the shop.  Have a lovely night!
Heather Fawn

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