Sunday, June 7, 2015

Butterflies & Honey Bees

Hey everyone!  It is Sunday and we are having gorgeous weather here in southwestern Ohio.  We have been shopping at garden centers and filling our gardens up with all kinds of native treats for the bees and butterflies.  This year our flower beds are really starting to look good again.  Our past few harsh winters really did in some of our plants including our two huge rose bushes in the front of our home.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it and I had to tear them out this year.  That was a job, let me tell you!

Here are some photos of our plants this year....

I also set up a small pool for my daughter.  We don't have the room here for a large one, but my daughter is having plenty of fun!
I hope that you are having an awesome weekend wherever you are ♥
As far as shop news goes, I have added some pieces to the oOo SALE oOo section of the shop.  You might want to grab these pieces before they are gone <3 p="">

Please feel free to browse all items in the shop.  All handcrafted and made with love here in Ohio near our butterflies and honey bees ♥
Heather Fawn

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