Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Jewelry Update 6/3/2015

Hi everyone!  I sometimes don't find the time to blog and get easily behind.  I apologize!  Let me try to catch you up :)
The Alpine ring that I created last week became pretty popular on my facebook page.  A lot of people asked about it.  It was already claimed, but I do have more Merlinite on hand so I created a listing for custom Merlinite rings where you can chose your own stone and your won size! 

You can find the listing for the custom "Alpine Ring" HERE
These dangle earrings were also created last week and are now available for purchase in the shop..

~ Black Lightning - Tourmalated Quartz and Amethyst Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ~

You can find "Black Lightning" HERE
~ Seaweed Dangles - Solar Quartz and Moss Agate Sterling Silver Handcrafted Dangle Earrings ~

You can find "Seaweed Dangles" HERE
I also made a new necklace.  I am so in love with this piece.
~ Sea Flower ~ Ocean Jasper and Green Onyx Sterling Silver Necklace ~

You can find "Sea Flower" HERE
This week I started on some new pieces and finished a small handful of new work.  Here they are:
~ Rainbow in the Dark - Titanium Quartz Crystal Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ~

"Rainbow in the Dark" can be found HERE
~ Desert Butterfly - Narcozari Turquoise and Copper Butterfly Dangle Earrings ~

"Desert Butterfly" can be found HERE
~ Los Turquoise Dangles - Narcozari Turquoise and Copper Dangle Earrings ~

"Los Turquoise" can be found HERE
~ Crystal Blue Persuasion - Angel Aura Crystal Quartz Point Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Mediterranean Sea Jasper ~

"Crystal Blue Persuasion" can be found HERE
And finally a heart shaped ring that houses a gorgeous Oregon Sunstone.  The camera did not capture the beautiful fire in this piece unfortunately, but let me tell you...It is gorgeous!!!!
~ Amor Ring - Oregon Sunstone Heart Sterling Silver and Copper Ring - Size 8 ~

"Amor Ring" can be found HERE
I hope that you love all of my new work.  Thanks so much for following me and reading my blog.
Heather Fawn

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