Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Opals & Fire!

It is late here, just a few minutes after 1 a.m.  I have been busy finishing up a few custom orders and a ring for the shop earlier yesterday.  I am just now getting to blog about them.  Next...bed *yawn*  But...Opals...Opals!!!  How can I not blog about OPALS!!!  And fiery Ammolite.... *swoon*
A lovely customer turned friend sent me some gorgeous faceted Opals and an amazing Ammolite for me to set for her.  I had so much fun with them all.  The opals really got me wanting to work more with prong settings.  I'm normally not a bling, bling type of girl, but these opals just might have turned me ;)
I drew up this rough design for her and placed her stones in place to give an idea...

I love these opals so much that I think I might do some shopping around for some opals to make a ring for myself.  The photos do not do these stones justice.  They are just gorgeous.
The Ammolite I set in a necklace setting that I crafted and added some Green Onyx stones from my collection to accent the green fire in the Ammolite.
This is the rough design I drew up.  I ended up making a few changes while working with the metal.  I think the changes worked good...

I can only imagine what my friends personal collection of stones must be like.  I am going to be quite sad to send these on their way, but extremely happy for my friend to have her new jewelry.
I felt a little guilty about not making some opal goodness for the shop, so I decided to finish up a smaller sized ring for the shop that houses a gorgeous Australian Opal.  Opals are so difficult to photograph.  Their true fire and uniqueness is hard to capture.  In real life this stone has some awesome green fire that is totally not evident in my photos.
~ The Sea Nymph's Talisman ~
Australian Opal & Green Onyx Sterling Silver Ring
Size 6

You can find "The Sea Nymph's Talisman" HERE
Okay...bath...then bed.
Good night folks <3 p="">
Heather Fawn

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