Monday, June 15, 2015

~ Spririt Wings ~ Small shop update ♥

Today was a hot and humid day in the studio.  I did however have a creative and full day out there. 
This time of year I do a lot of gardening and sitting on our porch at night.  Both things obviously fall into my inspiration for my jewelry designs.  I mean, flowers anybody?!?!?!  I tried to detach myself for a minute from creating floral designs or spiraling vines (yes, it was hard!!)
Besides flowers, what do I have in my gardens?  Beautiful butterflies graze on the nectar of our native plants, dragonflies hoover over our bird baths, fireflies light up or dark gardens at night, while moths visit in the midnight hour and take over our porch.
Today I knew I was going to create a dragonfly piece.  I drew a rough idea up and posted a photo on my FACEBOOK page.  My friend that I have known since we were 5 commented and shared her magical story about a very special dragonfly and why she now carries that memory as a tattoo on her foot.  It made me think about how magical these creatures and nature truly is.  My dragonfly piece was definitely inspired by her beautiful and personal story.
~ Spirit in Flight ~ Sterling Silver Dragonfly Necklace featuring fiery Rainbow Moonstone & glowing Green Onyx ~

This necklace is now SOLD
The other piece that I finished today was inspired by the nightly visits I get from beautiful, local moths.  I have always been intrigued by them.  Fuzzy little faces, feathery antennas, gorgeous dusty wings ♥
~ Night Flight - A Sterling Silver Moth Necklace featuring Crazy Lace Agate and Coral ~

You can find "Night Flight" HERE 
I will be continuing this series this week <3 span="">
Heather Fawn

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