Monday, July 6, 2015

Moons, Feathers, Dragonflies, & Messages from the Stars ♥

I have a new necklace with a special story to it that I finished today.  I thought I would share my story with you ♥
~ The Messenger ~
My heart broke in August of 2013. My grandmother left this world as an earth angel and gained her heavenly wings. In the days following her death the world seemed so different. I had so many questions and felt so alone. I was with my grandma every day. I was her caretaker and we were incredibly close ever since I was a child. Now she was gone. In the place of her laughter and words was silence. A numbing silence that left my world shattered and had me grasping to try to put some of it back together. I wanted to know she was okay. I wanted a sign. I needed just a small amount of peace. I always imagined holding her hand in death and saying goodbye, not an unexpected accident leaving you with so much unfinished business.

Feathers..... Before I knew it I had accumulated a bizarre collection of feathers. Not one or two or even five. Literally every where I went feathers were falling at my feet. I was finding them in the most unusual places not even looking for them. I kept thinking of her love for bird watching and the irony of asking for a sign and now feathers were literally falling at my toes. But...I still had doubt. Maybe my pain had me searching for answers where they simply were not. I was too heart broken to take just whatever for an answer. Then we went to visit her grave for the first time since the funeral. The grass had still not began to grow and the gravestone was dusty from the fresh turned earth. In the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of something. A huge feather standing in the ground at the head of my grandmother's grave. I now believed the feathers were some sort of message. I chose to believe it was a message that she is okay, that she is at peace, and that she knows my love for her. I can't explain it, but at the moment I felt more peace since anytime after her death. From then on until about a year ago my family and I found massive feathers everywhere. I kept each feather that felt significant to me in a glass trinket box that I love with a ringlet of my grandmother's beautiful silver hair. I keep it as a reminder of how strong love can be and that maybe even when we feel so alone, we aren't. 
Yesterday, July 5th 2015 would have been her 91st birthday and she was heavy on my mind. I stepped outside to head to the studio to work and came across a sweet birthday message, feathers laying on the ground at the middle of the entrance to where my grandmother lived <3 p="">
~ The Messenger ~
Ruby in Zoisite Sterling Silver Necklace with Black Onyx and Malachite

The last photo shows my box and the "birthday feather".
You can find "The Messenger" HERE
I have created a few other pieces as well which are now in the shop too.
~ Whispers of the Desert ~
TeePee Canyon Agate and Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace

You can find "Whispers of the Desert" HERE
Below is a pair of earrings that were slowly getting worked on between custom orders lately.
~ The Circling Moon ~
Faceted Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

You can find "The Circling Moon" HERE
Finally...My Spirit in Flight dragonfly necklace gained some popularity so I decided to offer it as MADE TO ORDER
You can follow the link for more details.
~ Made to Order Spirit in Flight Dragonfly Necklace ~
Heather Fawn

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